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Senior Manager, QA Engineering at SmithRx

Acting as both a QA Engineering Manager and automation engineer, you will oversee a team of engineers whilst contributing to automation efforts. Your goal is to ensure Smith Health Inc’s products meet quality standards.
United States
Full Time

✅ Pros

  • 💼 High impact role
  • ✨ Cutting-edge health tech company
  • 🚀 Rapid career progression

⛔ Cons

  • ⏰ High-demand role
  • 💻 No remote or hybrid working
  • 📚 Requires a degree

🔧 Skills

Expertise in automated testing tools and frameworks
Strong understanding of SaaS architecture and CI/CD pipelines
Technical skills in databases and report generation software
Excellent time management
Organizational skills
Excellent leadership
Strong communication skills

🗣️ Impact

Join a rapidly growing health-tech company on a mission to disrupt the pharmacy sector. Your role will influence the development of a cutting-edge drug platform, improving the healthcare system as we know it.

👉 Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute a comprehensive automation strategy for testing SaaS products
  • Lead and mentor a team of automation engineers
  • Collaborate closely with development, QA, and DevOps teams
  • Establish and monitor KPIs for automation efforts

🔍 Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in relevant field
  • 3-5 years management experience
  • Proven experience in leading automation efforts for SaaS products

✨ Benefits

  • Competitive wellness benefits
  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Program
  • Discretionary Paid Time Off
  • Professional development and training opportunities

About SmithRx

SmithRx is a groundbreaking pharmacy benefits management (PBM) company that is revolutionizing the way pharmacy costs are managed. With a focus on transparency and client alignment, SmithRx utilizes fully-auditable modern technology and innovative sourcing pathways to drive down pharmacy costs for their clients. They have developed a client-aligned version of a PBM called the Drug Acquisition Platform (DAP), which maximizes drug savings for employers across America. Unlike other PBMs, SmithRx's DAP does not engage in smoke-and-mirror pricing games or hide costs. Instead, it utilizes client-alignment, cutting-edge technology, and integrated programming to find the lowest cost pathway to the drugs needed by members. By removing complexities and providing access to affordable treatments, SmithRx ensures significant savings for both the member and the plan sponsor. SmithRx operates on a transparent, pass-through business model that is fully aligned with the interests of their clients. They have built their PBM on agile, 21st-century technology, allowing for efficient and effective management of pharmacy benefits. Their proprietary program, Drug Connect™, seamlessly integrates various programs to identify the least-cost drug options, ensuring maximum savings for clients. At SmithRx, the focus is not only on cost savings but also on minimizing patient disruption. They understand the importance of providing access to the necessary treatments at the lowest possible cost, ensuring that patients receive the care they need without financial burden. With a dedicated and supportive team, SmithRx goes above and beyond to assist their clients. Known for their excellence in the industry, they are committed to helping clients navigate the complex world of pharmacy benefits and achieve significant savings. SmithRx is a leading pharmacy benefits company that is dedicated to revolutionizing the way pharmacy benefits are provided. With a team of kind and supportive professionals, SmithRx is committed to delivering exceptional service and support to its members. Their expertise in the field ensures that members can easily find the lowest cost options for their prescription medications. By partnering with SmithRx, healthcare providers can offer transparent pharmacy benefits that prioritize low-cost, high-quality care. SmithRx's pass-through model ensures that prescription drug pricing is fair and transparent, helping to drive down costs and improve access to medication. One of the standout qualities of SmithRx is their ability to handle even the most challenging groups with utmost efficiency. In the first 30 days post-go-live, SmithRx successfully navigated and managed a complex and demanding group, showcasing their expertise and dedication to client satisfaction. SmithRx has a strong track record of client retention, as their commitment to exceptional service and cost savings has earned them the trust and loyalty of employers. With their extensive network and expertise, SmithRx has successfully served numerous employers, providing them with substantial potential Rx savings. In summary, SmithRx is a trusted and reliable partner in the pharmacy benefits industry, offering innovative solutions that prioritize cost savings, transparency, and high-quality care. Their dedicated team, exceptional customer support, and proven results make them the go-to choice for employers seeking pharmacy benefits that are evolved and forward-thinking.

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