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Fully-Remote AI Writing Solutions Consultant at

Join 'Project Growth' as an AI Writing Solutions Consultant; be the bridge between AI and creative writing, assisting a diverse community of writers. A role that blends problem-solving, customer engagement, and narrative arts, with every day bringing a new chapter in the world of digital storytelling.
Full Time

βœ… Pros

  • Working from the comfort of your home 🏠
  • Joining a revolutionary company that blends AI with creative writing πŸ€–βœοΈ
  • Engaging with a diverse community of writers globally 🌍

β›” Cons

  • Might be overwhelming dealing with 200-400 inbound queries daily πŸ˜…
  • Must adapt quickly to a rapidly changing environment πŸš€
  • Fully remote role might make you miss human interaction 😒

πŸ”§ Skills

Proficiency in technical tools like Front.com, Notion, Linear.app, Stripe, Loom, Luma, Customer.io, Slack, Google Docs, Google Sheets
Strong English skills
Experience in customer support for a B2C software product
Fiction-writing experience and proficiency
High attention to detail
High emotional intelligence (EQ)
Sense of humor and playfulness
Comfort with rapid pace and change

πŸ—£οΈ Impact

You'll be pivotal in revolutionizing fiction writing through AI, enhancing the storytelling journey for writers globally. This position is not just a job, but a new chapter in your career, advancing the narrative arts in the digital realm.

πŸ‘‰ Responsibilities

  • Resolve customer problems via email and chat, handling 200-400 inbound interactions daily
  • Investigate root causes and develop effective solutions
  • Manage billing queries, trial/subscription management
  • Provide guidance on product features and troubleshoot technical issues

Application process

10 min
Enter basic info about yourself
Complete short assessments
Send an application and get free feedback about your personality

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