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Senior Android Lead Developer at

Nagarro is looking for a dynamic Senior Android Mobile Lead who can guide the Android team, develop groundbreaking apps, and help optimize the automotive customer journey.
Full Time

βœ… Pros

  • πŸ’Ό Be a part of a dynamic and expanding company
  • 🌍 Work with international teams across 26 countries
  • πŸš€ Opportunity to work on exciting automotive applications

β›” Cons

  • πŸ•’ Potential long working hours
  • πŸš— Passion for the automotive industry required
  • πŸ’» Need to stay on top of latest Android technologies

πŸ”§ Skills

Android development
Knowledge of Kotlin and Java
Use of Android Studio and Jetpack libraries
Familiarity with Agile methodologies and DevOps
Excellent communication and collaboration
Ability to work independently
Proactive in identifying and mitigating risks
Mentoring and leadership

πŸ—£οΈ Impact

You'll be at the heart of a digital product engineering company that's scaling up big time! As the technical lead for our Android team, you'll shape the future of our mobile applications, and inspire developers around the world.

πŸ‘‰ Responsibilities

  • Leading and mentoring a team of Android developers
  • Developing robust, scalable Android applications
  • Researching and adopting latest Android technologies
  • Collaborating with key stakeholders

πŸ” Requirements

  • 10 years of experience as a senior Android developer
  • Strong knowledge of Kotlin, Java, Android Studio, and Jetpack libraries
  • Prior experience developing Android applications for the automotive domain

About Nagarro

Nagarro is a leading digital product engineering and technology consulting company that specializes in providing innovative solutions to businesses. With a focus on thinking breakthroughs, Nagarro aims to revolutionize industries through its unique MLOps-enabled bottle manufacturing platform. The company leverages cutting-edge technologies to optimize manufacturing processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs for organizations. Nagarro takes pride in its ability to deliver exceptional results to its clients. With a proven track record of successfully helping numerous businesses achieve their goals and overcome challenges, Nagarro has consistently provided transformative solutions that drive growth and innovation. The company's expertise in digital product engineering and technology consulting allows it to deliver exceptional results to its clients. Nagarro stays at the forefront of industry trends and advancements by committing to AI-powered tooling and processes. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Nagarro enables businesses to revolutionize their testing procedures. The company believes that AI-powered testing significantly enhances accuracy, speed, and effectiveness, ultimately leading to improved product quality and customer satisfaction. To promote knowledge sharing and collaboration, Nagarro regularly hosts webinars and events. These opportunities allow participants to learn about the latest industry trends and gain insights into how AI-powered tooling and processes can be effectively implemented in their own organizations. By attending these webinars, businesses can discover the potential benefits of integrating AI into their testing practices and explore how Nagarro's expertise can help them make the most of this technology. In summary, Nagarro is a forward-thinking company that offers digital product engineering and technology consulting services. With its MLOps-enabled bottle manufacturing platform, Nagarro helps businesses optimize their manufacturing processes. Through AI-powered tooling and processes, the company aims to revolutionize testing practices and drive innovation. By partnering with Nagarro, businesses can unlock their full potential and achieve breakthroughs in their respective industries.

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