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Mid-level Freelancer Project Manager in Brussels or Luxembourg at ICF

ICF Next is searching for a freelance Project Manager based in Brussels or Luxembourg, focusing on managing communication projects throughout the European Union. The role includes overseeing various aspects such as strategy, design, media planning, and event management.
Full Time

✅ Pros

  • 🌍 Work on EU-wide projects
  • 🚀 Improve your project management skills
  • 💼 Freelance, full-time roles

⛔ Cons

  • 📚 Requires understanding of EU landscape
  • ⏳ 2+ years of experience needed
  • 😥 Requires C2 Level English, B2 Level French or German

🔧 Skills

Experience with project management techniques and tools
Knowledge of risk management and quality assurance processes
Experience with communication techniques, tools, and standards
Familiarity with digital communication trends and best practices
Strong analytical and synthesizing abilities
Effective time management and planning skills
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Proficient in training others in project management techniques
English (C2 level)
French or German (B2 level)

🗣️ Impact

This role is instrumental in overseeing communication initiatives across the European Union, influencing how information is disseminated and received. It's a fantastic opportunity to shape the future of digital communication!

👉 Responsibilities

  • Developing project management approaches and tools for successful communication initiatives
  • Allocating resources, defining work packages, and ensuring quality control
  • Coordinating project teams and facilitating efficient collaboration
  • Identifying and addressing potential project risks

🔍 Requirements

  • 2+ years of experience in managing communication projects
  • Knowledge of the European Union landscape required
  • Ability to work as a freelancer

Application process

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