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Remote Mid-level Project Manager at Core10

Core10 is seeking a Project Manager for a part-time and remote position. You'll be working on a project basis with hours ranging from 20-40 per week.
United States
Part Time

✅ Pros

  • Work From Home 🏠
  • Flexible hours 🕒
  • Part of a rapidly growing U.S.-based company 🚀

⛔ Cons

  • Not accepting applicants from Colorado, California or New York 🚫
  • Part-time, project-based work may not provide steady income 💸
  • No mention of salary or remuneration 💰

🔧 Skills

Experience in Agile project management.
Understanding of technical issues at a high level.
Experience in process improvement initiatives.
Experience in managing technology projects.
Exceptional facilitative skills.
Ability to lead and demonstrate value add principles with transparency.
Strong organizational skills.
Attention to detail.

🗣️ Impact

Your role will be critical in supporting company-wide initiatives, managing the agile development process, and driving product and program development to completion.

👉 Responsibilities

  • Manage the development and implementation of new or upgraded products.
  • Coordinate departmental or cross-functional teams.
  • Monitor project from initiation through delivery.
  • Act as liaison between developers and stakeholders.

🔍 Requirements

  • Must have 3+ years of experience in managing technology projects.
  • Must have 2+ years of experience in managing Agile projects.
  • Must have experience in leading process improvement and/or change initiatives.

✨ Benefits

  • 100% remote work.

About Core10

Core10 is a fintech software development company that specializes in providing affordable digital transformation solutions for community financial institutions and fintech companies. Founded by Jim McKelvey, co-founder of Square, Core10 aims to offer big bank technology without the big bank budget, focusing on digital banking, API connections, and core connectivity to help clients capture missed revenue opportunities. With a team of experienced professionals, Core10 offers outsourced fintech software development services, implementation, and service support. The company's Accrue platform provides digital account opening and lending technology for community FIs, enhancing customer experience, reducing operational costs, and driving revenue in a short period. Core10 also offers API development services and scalable fintech APIs to help clients get to market faster and realize revenue quickly. Their SaaS implementation and customer success team ensure smooth onboarding and accelerated time-to-market for fintech solutions. With a focus on software development, Core10's talented developers can support internal teams or take on entire projects, saving time and ensuring high-quality solutions. The company's specialization in fintech and financial services, along with their North American-based talent, ensures best-in-class software development and ongoing support for clients. Core10 is dedicated to solving multiple problems at once and connecting the right resources for their clients, as highlighted by Square co-founder Jim McKelvey. The company is committed to helping businesses in the financial technology industry thrive by providing top-notch software development services and staying connected to local communities. If your company is in need of a revenue-growing product, struggling with an implementation backlog, or overwhelmed with a stuffed development pipeline, Core10 is here to help. Join the Core10 team to be a part of a dynamic and innovative company that is dedicated to driving success in the fintech industry and achieving your business goals.

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