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Data Entry level Jobs

Gyfted's job feed offers a variety of Data Entry Level Jobs, including roles like Data Entry Clerk and Data Analyst. These remote and flexible opportunities require attention to detail and proficiency in software like Microsoft Excel. Our reverse job board makes it easier for companies to find candidates like you.

Software Engineer L1
50K - 70K CAD / YEAR
Payroll Associate
Invisible Technologies
14K - 14K USD / YEAR
Binance Accelerator Program- Research Data Analyst
Payroll Data Administrator
Ads Quality Rater - Lithuanian (Lithuania)
*Scout Junior Quality Coordinator - Spanish (Mexico)
Applied LLM Researcher
Creative Chaos

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Junior Data jobs

The Junior Data job posts on Gyfted's job board reflect a new wave of innovative employment approaches in the ever-evolving field of data science. These roles, aimed at fresh graduates or individuals in their early career stages, provide an excellent opportunity to enter the world of data analysis, data engineering, or data visualization, among others. By focusing on the junior level, Gyfted invites candidates who possess a foundational understanding of data principles and are eager to expand their knowledge and skill set. These roles often involve tasks such as data collection, cleaning, and analysis, database management, and report generation, providing a comprehensive introduction to the industry. The uniqueness of Gyfted's job board lies in its revolutionary reverse job board model, which redefines traditional job search methods. Instead of candidates chasing job offers, employers approach potential employees based on their profiles. This progressive approach not only simplifies the job searching process for junior data roles but also ensures that candidates are matched with roles tailored to their skills, interests, and career aspirations. This unique model is particularly beneficial in the global and regional remote labor markets, where the traditional recruitment process can be excessively time-consuming and inefficient. The Junior Data job posts on Gyfted's board also reflect the changing dynamics of the global and regional remote labor markets. The demand for data professionals is on the rise, and companies are increasingly open to remote work, making these job posts ideal for those looking to secure a future in data science from anywhere in the world. Moreover, this category of job posts also emphasizes the need for change in recruiting practices, underscoring Gyfted's mission to forever alter the job search landscape. The company's innovative approach to job placements puts power back into the hands of job seekers, particularly those beginning their journey in the exciting field of data science.

Anonymous Entry level Data job search

Find your footing in the expansive field of data analysis with our Entry-Level Data jobs feed. Gyfted offers a unique opportunity to confidentially explore these roles without alerting your current employer. By creating an anonymous profile, you are matched to recruiters seeking candidates based on specific job environment preferences, skill set, and desired team culture. This advanced method makes your job search process not just discreet, but also highly personalized. Embrace the future of job hunting with Gyfted and take the first step toward your next big opportunity in the realm of data analysis. Discover the potential and possibilities that lie in the entry-level data sector, and transform your career like never before.

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