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Do you fit IKEA's culture? Find out with our test.

Take this free culture fit assessment to find out if you're a fit for IKEA. Gain self-awareness and discover if remote jobs with IKEA.

Culture at IKEA

At IKEA, the culture and vision are deeply rooted in minimalism and the belief that everyone deserves a beautiful and functional home. The company's vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people, offering affordable and well-designed furniture and home accessories. This vision drives every aspect of the company's culture, from the way employees interact with customers to the innovative design processes that ensure products are both stylish and sustainable. IKEA's culture is one of inclusivity, where diversity is celebrated and ideas are encouraged to flourish.

Benefits of taking this cultural assessment

By taking our cultural assessment that matches you to the culture at IKEA you'll discover if you're a fit for IKEA. Moreover, you'll gain self-awareness into your work preferences and what organizational culture and jobs could fit you best in your career.

Remote jobs at IKEA

IKEA offers remote job opportunities that align with its culture of flexibility and work-life balance. Remote jobs at IKEA allow employees to work from the comfort of their own homes, providing them with the freedom to manage their work schedules and personal commitments effectively. These remote positions span various departments, including customer service, sales, and marketing, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds and skill sets to contribute to the company's success. IKEA's remote work culture promotes trust and autonomy, empowering employees to deliver exceptional results while maintaining a healthy work-life integration.

How you can use this test?

Use this cultural fit assessment to understand if you're a fit for IKEA
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IKEA Culture Fit Assessment

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Frequently asked questions

What is Culture at IKEA - Culture Fit Assessment's corporate culture like?

The corporate culture at IKEA is characterized by a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration. Employees are encouraged to work together, across departments and hierarchies, to achieve common goals. This fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone's contributions are valued. IKEA also places a strong emphasis on personal development and growth, providing numerous opportunities for employees to learn and develop new skills. This commitment to continuous learning and improvement creates a culture of innovation and adaptability.