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Entact Bio is a biotechnology startup that has developed a cutting-edge protein enhancement platform aimed at improving the quality and effectiveness of therapeutic proteins. Recently, the company secured an $81 million Series A funding round led by prominent venture capital firms to support the commercialization of their technology.
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Wunderdogs Culture
Wunderdogs is a brand and design agency. It values a culture of creativity, collaboration, and remote work. Wunderdogs supports remote work arrangements, providing flexibility for its employees to work remotely or from their preferred locations. Wunderdogs appears to have a company culture that values innovation, creativity, and collaboration. The company focuses on providing design, production, and strategy services to forward-thinking brands in the technology space, indicating a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and pushing boundaries. The company also works with both startups and established companies, suggesting a willingness to adapt to different needs and challenges. Wunderdogs emphasizes the importance of product launch success, indicating a results-driven culture that values tangible outcomes. However, the company also appears to prioritize a human-centered approach, with a focus on creating meaningful experiences for customers. This is reflected in the company's portfolio, which includes a range of projects that prioritize user experience and engagement.


Advertising Services
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United States, California, San Francisco

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