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Optic is an API documentation and management platform that helps companies streamline their API development process. It provides tools for generating OpenAPI specifications, testing API implementations, managing API governance, and tracking API changes. The platform is designed to be developer-friendly and scalable, allowing teams to collaborate effectively and release new features quickly without compromising on quality or reliability.
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Optic Culture
Optic is a code review and documentation platform. It values a culture of code quality, collaboration, and remote work. Optic supports remote work arrangements, enabling employees to work remotely or from their preferred locations. Based on public website information, we see that the company culture may be focused on technology and innovation. The company may prioritize efficiency and automation in their processes and may value continuous improvement and adaptation to changes in the industry. Additionally, the company may have a collaborative and team-oriented culture, as effective API change management requires coordination and communication among different departments and stakeholders.


Software Development
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United States, California, San Fransisco

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