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Teikametrics | AI-Powered Marketplace Optimization for Amazon & Walmart

Teikametrics Careers
Teikametrics is a leading company in AI-powered marketplace optimization for businesses on platforms such as Amazon and Walmart. With their innovative Flywheel 2.0 technology, businesses can connect, optimize, and grow their operations with superhuman intelligence. Trusted by the world's leading brands, Teikametrics connects products, ads, and marketplaces to provide comprehensive analysis and optimization of performance. The Flywheel 2.0 technology analyzes data hourly across every aspect of a marketplace business, eliminating guesswork and enabling intelligent decision-making. One of the key benefits of Flywheel 2.0 is its ability to optimize every ad dollar spent. By automating campaign creation, keyword targeting, and bidding workflows, the AI-powered technology allows businesses to make smart advertising decisions without any manual intervention. This not only saves time but also maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of advertising efforts. Teikametrics helps businesses grow by improving efficiency and saving hours of time. By automating the tedious aspects of advertising workflows, businesses can focus on what they do best and optimize their operations for profitable growth. The results speak for themselves, with Teikametrics customers experiencing significant increases in total sales, with some seeing a 345% increase. In summary, Teikametrics is a trusted company that provides AI-powered marketplace optimization solutions for businesses on Amazon, Walmart, and other platforms. With their Flywheel 2.0 technology, businesses can connect, analyze, and optimize their operations to achieve profitable growth and save valuable time.
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Technology, Information and Internet
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United States, Massachusetts, Boston

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