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TailorCare | Exceptional Care Journeys - Made to Measure

TailorCare Careers
TailorCare is a healthcare company specializing in providing exceptional care journeys for patients suffering from joint, back, and muscle pain. Our mission is to empower patients to make the best treatment decisions for their unique needs by offering custom-fit care plans. We understand that pain relief for musculoskeletal issues is not a one-size-fits-all approach, so we provide a deeply personal care navigation program that improves outcomes by empowering patients to manage their own health. At TailorCare, we have a dedicated care team that helps patients pin down their path to pain relief, connect with healthcare specialists, and choose a custom care plan that suits their needs. We believe that every patient deserves personalized care, so all of our services are provided at no extra cost to them. We also work closely with primary care providers, offering a seamless solution to match patients with the best treatment for their musculoskeletal symptoms, goals, and lifestyle. By partnering with us, primary care providers can focus on the overall health of their patients while we take care of the specialized musculoskeletal care. Payers also benefit from partnering with TailorCare, as our tailored care journeys lead to improved outcomes and patient satisfaction, ultimately resulting in a more efficient healthcare system. We help ensure healthier and happier members while reducing costs. Our approach is patient-first and data-driven. We optimize health outcomes, transform the patient experience, and take on downside risk. We work in partnership with health plans and other risk-bearing entities to offer custom-fit services to their members. Our end-to-end musculoskeletal solution provides personalized guidance for each patient's care journey, and we assume full risk carve out on musculoskeletal spending. We have strategic partnerships with investors and a preferred network of downstream specialists, ensuring that our services are of the highest quality and aligned with our mission. For specialty care providers, we ensure that you see the right patients at the right time through a thoughtful, clinician-led assessment and shared decision-making process. At TailorCare, we believe that custom care starts here. We personalize pain relief to help patients feel better and recover faster. Our goal is to revolutionize musculoskeletal care by providing exceptional care journeys that are made to measure for each patient. Join us on this journey to better health and a pain-free future.
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