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Security Tools for Containers, Kubernetes, and Cloud – Sysdig

Sysdig Careers
Sysdig is a leading company in the field of cloud and container security, offering innovative tools and solutions to protect applications running on containers, Kubernetes, and cloud environments. Their Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) provides a comprehensive security solution that helps organizations prevent and mitigate security attacks efficiently. Sysdig's approach allows businesses to shift left and shield right, identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities early in the development process and protecting applications from attacks during runtime. The company has proven its capabilities at cloud scale, making it a trusted choice for organizations of all sizes. Sysdig's cloud security platform provides comprehensive visibility and control, eliminating blind spots from development to runtime phases. They prioritize vulnerabilities exposed at runtime, using advanced threat detection techniques based on machine learning and curated Falco rules. This allows security teams to efficiently identify and address critical threats, reducing the risk of potential breaches. Sysdig emphasizes fixing security issues at the source, consolidating alerts and providing a simple pull request solution. They offer a consistent playbook for remediation across different tool sets, ensuring efficient and standardized security practices. Sysdig has also built their platform on an open-source stack, adhering to open standards and driving innovation and standardization in the security industry. Overall, Sysdig is a trusted and innovative company that offers cutting-edge security tools and solutions for cloud, container, and Kubernetes environments. Their focus on open standards, comprehensive visibility, prioritization, and source-based remediation sets them apart in the market. With their flagship solution, Falco, Sysdig provides a comprehensive and standardized approach to cloud and container runtime security, enabling organizations to tap into the extensive open source community and documentation for enhancing security measures. They also excel in supporting multi-cloud environments and seamless integrations with existing platforms and tools, making them a reliable partner for businesses looking to enhance their security measures in today's dynamic digital landscape.
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Computer and Network Security
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United States, California, San Francisco

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