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Synack, Inc.

Synack | Premier Security Testing Platform

Synack, Inc. Careers
Synack, Inc. is a premier security testing platform known as Synack that provides strategic and comprehensive security testing solutions. Unlike traditional one-off penetration tests, Synack offers continuous pentesting that scales to cover all aspects of a company's digital infrastructure, including cloud platforms, APIs, web applications, host infrastructure, and mobile platforms. By utilizing Synack, companies can proactively stay ahead of threats and reduce their overall risk over time. The core of Synack's offering is the Synack Red Team, a dedicated group of elite and vetted security researchers. These experts conduct adversarial penetration testing experiences, launching tests in a matter of days rather than weeks. This rapid testing allows companies to quickly identify and address vulnerabilities in their digital assets. The tests encompass cloud platforms, web applications, host infrastructure, APIs, and mobile devices, ensuring comprehensive coverage across all areas of a company's digital footprint. Synack's platform provides access to a global team of security researchers, each with a diverse set of skills and expertise. This allows companies to tap into a wide range of knowledge and experience to support their pentesting initiatives. The dedicated teams at Synack verify exploitable vulnerabilities, prioritize testing activities, and scope the attack surface of a company's digital assets. This ensures that companies receive the most accurate and relevant security testing results. By combining continuous pentesting with a diverse community of skilled security researchers, Synack offers the broadest coverage of security testing for companies' assets and infrastructure. With Synack, businesses can expect a comprehensive and effective solution to enhance their security posture and protect against potential threats.
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Synack, Inc.

Computer and Network Security
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United States, California, Redwood City

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