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Swivl Careers
Swivl is an international company that specializes in providing secure and easy solutions for teachers in the education industry. With their Reflectivity + Robot technology, Swivl offers a range of features and tools that enhance teaching practices and facilitate professional development. One of Swivl's key features is the ability for teachers to record or live stream videos for various purposes such as coaching, self-reflection, and hybrid learning. The Reflectivity Boards provide real-time dynamic displays of different topics, allowing teachers to engage with and explore new ideas and trends in education. Swivl also allows teachers to gain clarity by adding topics that represent their focus areas and goals. They can use existing topics or create their own, and even add written reflections to spark discussions and collaborations with others. For deeper reflection and evaluation, Swivl enables educators to upload video evidence, use rubrics, or utilize pre-built templates. The Administrator Dashboard provides organizational insights that support effective decision-making regarding resources. The Swivl Robot is a standout feature that automatically tracks an educator wearing a Marker as they move around the classroom. This allows for real-time saving of key moments and the ability to revisit them later. Additionally, teachers can record up to 5 independent audio tracks to ensure clear audio capture of classroom activities. Swivl also makes live streaming classroom and school events easy, with compatibility across popular platforms like Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet. Teachers can even record from multiple video sources to gain a holistic view of the classroom. The Swivl online platform has received positive feedback from the education community, particularly in its role in safeguarding online and hybrid music education programs. Teachers and students benefit from the productive tools that video provides for professional development and academic achievement. Swivl Teams+Robot has become an essential tool in the education industry, providing educators with a comprehensive understanding of what is happening in their classrooms. Swivl is proud of its international presence, with customers and partners in countries such as Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, South America, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and New Zealand. The company actively seeks partnerships and invites interested parties to fill out a form on their website for further information and collaboration opportunities.
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