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Striveworks Careers
Striveworks is a leading technology company that specializes in advanced machine learning solutions to help businesses transform their data. Our platform allows users to rapidly build and deploy models at scale, reducing the time it takes to bring valuable insights to the forefront. With our low-code interface, even those without extensive coding knowledge can easily navigate and leverage our platform to create and deploy solutions in a single day. One of our key strengths is our commitment to data and model auditability. We provide full transparency and governance throughout the entire machine learning lifecycle, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and instilling confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the insights generated. Operationalizing AI is another area where we excel. We help businesses effectively integrate machine learning into their operations, enabling them to achieve fast returns on investment. By retraining models and leveraging existing models, our clients save both time and money, maximizing the value of their machine learning endeavors. Our platform, Chariot, brings together multidisciplinary teams to collaborate and drive outcomes. By combining diverse perspectives and context, our clients can ensure that their models accurately reflect their unique business needs and objectives. In a world where enterprise data governance has traditionally stopped at the analytics layer, we are a game changer. Our solution for audit and lineage through the analytic process provides transparency for regulators, allowing enterprises to confidently leverage AI in critical areas. This breakthrough has been recognized by industry leaders, such as Matthew Zames, former President of Cerberus Capital Management. At Striveworks, we are passionate about empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions with real returns. Our innovative technology, expert team, and commitment to excellence make us the ideal partner for companies looking to unlock the full potential of their data through machine learning.
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