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STELLAR BLU Solutions Careers
STELLAR BLU Solutions is a leading technology company that specializes in revolutionizing in-flight connectivity for the aviation industry. With their innovative multi-network aviation terminal, they aim to unlock greater carrier choice and flexibility while delivering reliable connectivity to passengers. One of their flagship products, "Sidewinder," is a versatile hardware solution developed in collaboration with OneWeb. It is an open architecture, electronically steered array that is certified with most Ku band modems. This unique feature allows it to be compatible with various internet service providers, network providers, and satellite orbits, setting Stellar Blu apart from its competitors. Stellar Blu's exceptional technology has gained recognition from prominent organizations such as Intelsat, Eutelsat, Panasonic, and SatcomDirect. These partnerships have enabled Stellar Blu to offer next-generation satcom solutions to its clients. By choosing Stellar Blu's Sidewinder, carriers can enjoy significant upfront and operational cost savings. The terminal allows carriers to shop for service plans and providers that best suit their specific needs, ensuring flexibility and optimization of connectivity solutions while minimizing costs. STELLAR BLU Solutions is committed to providing a cutting-edge, multi-network aviation terminal that offers unmatched carrier choice, flexibility, and cost savings. They are dedicated to revolutionizing in-flight connectivity for the aviation industry.
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