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Starfish is the full-stack payment boutique for the 21st century

starfish.team Careers
Starfish is a cutting-edge payment and banking services provider that caters to various industries, including the automotive and mobility sectors. With a specialist focus on payment and banking solutions, Starfish offers customized services to meet each client's unique needs. The company operates with integrity, transparency, and an eye toward the bigger picture, believing in the unstoppable power of decentralized organizations. Starfish's team consists of experts in design, development, and strategy who collaborate closely to bring ideas to life. As a dynamic, fast-paced environment, Starfish welcomes talented individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a commitment to excellence.
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starfish.team Culture
Starfish is an employee feedback and engagement platform. It values a culture of feedback, collaboration, and remote work. Starfish supports remote work arrangements, providing tools for remote team communication and employee engagement. the company values teamwork and collaboration in their approach to digital product engineering. The use of the term "Starfish" may also suggest a focus on adaptability and resilience, as starfish are known for their ability to regenerate limbs. Without further information, it is difficult to provide a comprehensive description of the company culture.


IT Services and IT Consulting
Year founded
Company size
HQ Location
Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Ulm

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