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Sparta Commodities

Sparta | Live Oil Market Intelligence and Forecasting

Sparta Commodities Careers
Sparta Commodities, also known as Sparta, is a leading provider of live oil market intelligence and forecasting services. Our platform is designed to help oil traders, refiners, banks, hedge funds, and wholesalers make smarter trading decisions faster. With our real-time access to global market data, users are always up to date with the latest prices and opportunities that can still be traded and captured. One of the key advantages of using the Sparta platform is the elimination of manual data collection through our live data aggregation and processing capabilities. This allows users to focus on capturing market opportunities before their competitors. Our platform also offers a range of powerful tools and features to enhance trading efficiency. Sparta Global ARBS™ is a live global ARB calculator that provides a live feed of physical, paper, and shipping prices, offering users a comprehensive view of the market. The Sparta Cloud Blender™ simplifies price discovery by running multiple blends simultaneously and continuously, streamlining the trading process. With access to over 250 oil swaps through our Live Curves feature, users can access the swaps they want anywhere, anytime, live. Additionally, our freight calculator provides up-to-date prompt and forward freight rates for all favorite routes. For seamless integration into existing systems, Sparta offers an API that allows users to integrate our data feeds directly into their own systems. This ensures a smooth and efficient flow of information. Our users highly recommend Sparta for its relevance and actionable trading data. They value our platform for its ability to provide the most up-to-date information, enabling them to make informed trading decisions quickly. By choosing Sparta as your live oil market intelligence and forecasting partner, you can stay informed with the latest news and insights from the oil market. Experience the power of Sparta and make smarter trading decisions, faster.
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Sparta Commodities

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