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Sopra GMT, also known as Sopra Steria Group, is a leading European tech company specializing in improving user experiences through the use of cookies and other trackers. The company's main objective is to provide personalized services and offers tailored to the interests of their users. Sopra GMT prioritizes the security of their website and exchanges and installs cookies on user devices to ensure secure browsing, access to various products and services, and the production of visitation statistics. Additionally, the company allows users to view videos from YouTube and Vimeo on their site and share content with social networks. Sopra GMT places a strong emphasis on privacy and offers users the option to manage their cookie preferences and access more information on their Personal Data Protection Charter. In collaboration with Google Cloud, Sopra Steria aims to revolutionize customer experiences and enterprise operations for businesses involved in Business to Consumer activities. The company has been recognized with the prestigious "Google Cloud Retail & Wholesale Expertise" designation, showcasing their expertise in leveraging Cloud, Data, and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to create adaptive, seamless, and responsible applications. Sopra Steria actively participates in industry events and collaborations to address major challenges and drive progress. Recently, the company joined a weeklong event that brought together global leaders from banks, financial institutions, and fintech companies to discuss industry trends and shape the future of the financial sector. The company embraces cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality, 3D, and digital twins in the metaverse. By collaborating with experts in these fields, Sopra Steria aims to expand its capabilities and offer innovative solutions to its clients. Sopra Steria is highly regarded for its cyber resiliency approach, utilizing its end-to-end cybersecurity capabilities, assets, and extensive experience to ensure the safety and security of its clients' digital operations. This approach has garnered recognition from NelsonHall, a leading research and advisory firm in the IT services industry. At Sopra Steria, the company strongly believes in the opportunities and progress that digital technology presents for all. By combining digital innovations with a human-centric approach, Sopra Steria strives to create a virtuous circle that benefits society as a whole. In summary, Sopra GMT is a forward-thinking tech company dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the digital age. With expertise in Google Cloud, a focus on innovative technologies, commitment to cybersecurity, and advancement of societal progress, Sopra Steria is a trusted partner for companies seeking to reinvent their customer experiences and enhance their enterprise operations.
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Sopra GMT

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