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SnkeOS GmbH is a leading healthcare technology company at the forefront of digital transformation in the healthcare industry. Founded on the pillars of cutting-edge DNA, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics, SnkeOS offers enterprise solutions that go beyond traditional med tech to help businesses scale and grow. Under the leadership of Managing Director, Andreas Giese, SnkeOS is committed to connecting data sources to drive comprehensive insights and analytics, leading to improved health tech and best practices. The company's proven technology allows clients to access innovative software and full-stack solutions, driving innovation and product development throughout the healthcare value chain. Endorsed by industry leaders like Stefan Vilsmeier, President & CEO of Brainlab, SnkeOS is poised to revolutionize digital health tech innovation on a global scale. By partnering with SnkeOS, healthcare organizations can accelerate their digital transformation and gain the competitive advantage needed to succeed in today's fast-paced market.
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SnkeOS GmbH

Medical Equipment Manufacturing
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Germany, Bayern, München

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