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SINAI Technologies

SINAI - The Planet's Leading Decarbonization Platform

SINAI Technologies Careers
Predict Pathways Robust Baseline Projections Low-Carbon Scenario Building Offsets/Carbon Credit Forecasting Global Insight Reliable Forecasts Granular Data Historical AnalysisWhat customers sayCarlos Almiro de Magalhães MelloHead of Corporate SustainabilityBRK started using SINAI at an important stage in our climate change strategy. In only two months, we were able to engage several teams on the climate change agenda. SINAI presents carbon pricing in a simple and objective way and this was key to engage the board.Corporate EHS Specialist, Siemens EnergyWith the SINAI's software, our process has been deeply improved in the tracking, analysis, and decision making, since our emission inventory and results are available in detail and, accurately right after the data input.We are ready to move forward with the next steps in our neutralization journey.Decarbonization PlatformInventoriesMeasure and report Scope 1-3 emissionsBaselinesForecast futureLow-Carbon ScenariosExplore emission reductionCarbon PriceQuantify targets, emissions gaps, prices, & budgetsValue Chain ManagementWork with your value chain to decarbonize productsFeatured in mediatThank you! Your submission has been received!Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form.SINAI Technologies is a leading provider of sustainability software solutions for businesses. With a focus on reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental responsibility, SINAI offers a range of tools designed to help companies track their impact, set targets, and implement effective decarbonization strategies. Whether you're looking to improve your carbon footprint or develop partnerships with other like-minded organizations, SINAI can help you achieve your goals.Based in both San Francisco and São Paulo, SINAI has a global reach and a team of experts dedicated to providing innovative solutions that make a difference.
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SINAI Technologies

Environmental Services
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United States, California, San Francisco

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