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Simpplr: Intranet Software - Employee Experience Intranet Platform | Simpplr

Simpplr Careers
Simpplr is a trailblazing company in the field of employee experience platforms, specializing in cutting-edge intranet software solutions designed to revolutionize the way organizations engage with their workforce. Our platform is engineered to cultivate a more dynamic company culture, streamline communication channels, and foster a deep sense of belonging among employees. At Simpplr, we understand the critical role that employee experience plays in driving productivity and success within an organization. That's why our platform is meticulously crafted to deliver personalized and curated digital workplace experiences that empower employees to perform at their best. By offering a seamless and intuitive interface for accessing people, information, and resources, Simpplr equips employees with the tools they need to thrive in their roles. With a robust client base of over 700 satisfied customers, Simpplr has garnered widespread acclaim for its transformative impact on efficiency, productivity, collaboration, and employee engagement. Our success stories have been featured in top publications such as BuiltIn, Forbes, Forrester Wave, Inc. 5000, G2, and GetApp, solidifying our reputation as a frontrunner in the employee experience and intranet software arena. From facilitating on-time deployments at Envestnet to driving increased employee adoption at Datto and boosting engagement scores at Bay Federal, Simpplr has consistently proven to be a game-changing tool for organizations seeking to enhance their internal communications and collaboration. By prioritizing the voices of employees and continuously monitoring sentiment, Simpplr enables organizations to gain valuable insights, make informed decisions, and forge ahead with confidence. In essence, Simpplr is dedicated to revolutionizing the way companies approach employee experience, with a steadfast commitment to elevating connectivity, inspiration, and support within the workplace. Join us on our mission to redefine employee engagement and transform the future of work.
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Software Development
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United States, California, Redwood City

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