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Sigma IT Poland

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Sigma IT Poland Careers
Sigma IT Poland, a division of DANIR AB, is a leading tech company dedicated to providing value-driven services in software and product development, data engineering, testing, analytics, and cloud computing. With a team of 150 expert professionals and support from 2300 colleagues in 15 countries, Sigma IT Poland leverages 30 years of experience to help clients turn visionary ideas into solid solutions. The company's expertise in cloud computing allows them to assist clients in moving to the cloud, scaling, optimizing, maintaining, and improving cloud security. With dedicated teams focused on cloud computing projects, Sigma IT Poland ensures the best results for their clients. Sigma IT Poland also specializes in designing, building, and testing connected products. Their experts have end-to-end capabilities in embedded engineering, low-level programming, OS platform development, and network protocols. They are dedicated to creating innovative and reliable connected products that meet their clients' needs. Additionally, Sigma IT Poland offers custom software development services, project management, and testing for projects across all major industries. They recognize the transformative power of technology in businesses globally and are committed to leading the way in powering and transforming businesses with their technological solutions. Overall, Sigma IT Poland is a forward-thinking company that strives for excellence in the tech industry. Their goal is to move towards a future of success for businesses, careers, and a better life for all.
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Sigma IT Poland

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