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Sidetrade - AI-Powered Order-to-Cash platform

Sidetrade Careers
Sidetrade is a leading global provider of an AI-powered Order-to-Cash platform that transforms the way businesses manage their cash flow. The company's innovative technology combines next-generation AI with B2B customer data to help companies accelerate and secure the Order-to-Cash process. At the core of Sidetrade is Aimie, an Artificial Intelligence-powered virtual assistant that empowers finance teams to increase cash collection efficiency, reduce payment delays, resolve disputes faster, and streamline the entire Order-to-Cash process. Sidetrade's Augmented Cash platform is a game-changer for businesses looking to increase revenue, protect profitability, drive a cash culture, and optimize working capital. With award-winning AI technology and reliable accounts receivable automation, companies can leverage data-driven insights to drive success in their financial operations. Real-time dashboards and data visualization tools enable businesses to proactively identify opportunities, address challenges, and share financial successes with sales and customer services. Through Sidetrade's credit management software, companies can improve collection department efficiency, boost cash flow, reduce bad debt, gain a comprehensive view of customer payment behavior, enhance collaboration between departments, and gain control and visibility of the entire Order-to-Cash process. Sidetrade is the ultimate solution for organizations looking to streamline their financial operations and achieve greater success in managing their cash flow. As a global leader in the automated Order-to-Cash market, Sidetrade is trusted by businesses in over 85 countries to secure cash flow, streamline processes, and improve working capital through cutting-edge AI technology. The platform is tailored for all industries and operates across all B2B-focused sectors, helping companies accelerate cash flow and optimize their Order-to-Cash processes. With recent acquisitions like CreditPoint Software, Sidetrade continues to expand its capabilities to disrupt the B2B credit risk market and provide innovative solutions for its clients. In essence, Sidetrade is dedicated to helping businesses leverage the power of data and AI technology to enhance financial processes, drive growth, and maintain a competitive edge in today's market.
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