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Global Ecommerce Fulfillment Solution | ShipBob

ShipBob Careers
ShipBob is a global ecommerce fulfillment solution that specializes in providing end-to-end fulfillment services for businesses worldwide. With a focus on efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, ShipBob helps businesses streamline their logistics operations and deliver products to customers all over the world. Trusted by over 7,000 brands, ShipBob offers a wide range of fulfillment services to optimize inventory placement, improve delivery speeds, and reduce shipping costs. With a global network of fulfillment centers located in the US, UK, EU, Canada, and Australia, ShipBob ensures efficient and timely delivery for global orders. ShipBob is known for its impressive track record, boasting a 99.96% on-time shipping rate within the service level agreement (SLA) and a 99.95% accuracy rate in fulfilling orders. This reliability has earned ShipBob recognition as the industry leader in fulfillment technology, winning the best fulfillment technology award at AdWeek's Retail Awards. The company's web-based platform serves as a back office for logistics, allowing businesses to seamlessly manage orders, track real-time stock levels, and receive notifications for inventory reordering. ShipBob's proprietary fulfillment platform is available at no extra cost for unlimited users, saving businesses time and money. One of ShipBob's standout features is its ability to provide 100% 2-day shipping coverage across the continental US, even from just one fulfillment center. This fast and reliable shipping helps businesses attract and convert more customers, driving loyalty and repeat purchases. With a strong customer base comprising over 7,000 companies, ShipBob has proven itself as a trusted partner in powering order fulfillment. The recent addition of Melissa Nick as Chief Supply Chain Officer further enhances ShipBob's capabilities, bringing over 20 years of experience, including a significant tenure at Amazon. Overall, ShipBob is a reliable and trusted partner for ecommerce fulfillment, offering a comprehensive suite of services and a user-friendly platform to help businesses streamline their operations and deliver a superior customer experience. With their global reach, scalable infrastructure, and commitment to innovation, ShipBob is the go-to choice for brands seeking a reliable and scalable fulfillment partner.
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