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ServiceBell - Add live human connection to your website

ServiceBell Careers
ServiceBell is a cutting-edge company that revolutionizes live chat by incorporating live video into the customer engagement process. With a focus on enhancing the connection between businesses and their website visitors, ServiceBell offers a range of innovative solutions designed to optimize the sales pipeline and generate higher conversion rates. One of the key features of ServiceBell is the ability to conduct instant video meetings directly on the website. This allows businesses to engage high-value prospects with live video chat, screen sharing, screen takeover, and more, thereby generating and maintaining momentum from the very beginning of the buyer's journey. By leveraging video-first live chat, ServiceBell enables businesses to effectively qualify and convert their most valuable website visitors, increasing their chances of closing deals. ServiceBell also helps businesses address the issue of losing qualified pipeline in the intent gap. By offering instant video meetings on the website, businesses can immediately qualify VIPs before they leave. This helps build strong champions who can push deals through the pipeline faster and increase the chances of closing. Furthermore, ServiceBell goes beyond traditional live chat solutions by addressing the issue of spam. Powered by advanced technologies such as 6Sense, Clearbit, and HubSpot, ServiceBell surfaces target accounts, enterprise buyers, open deals, and more. This ensures that businesses can engage qualified prospects and avoid wasting time on spam. In addition to its features and functionalities, ServiceBell is also enterprise-ready. It offers enterprise-grade security, ensuring compliance with regulations such as SOC2, CCPA, and GDPR. The company provides white-glove onboarding services to ensure a smooth transition and integration, as well as custom integrations to meet specific business needs. ServiceBell also offers robust analytics, providing businesses with valuable insights and data to optimize their customer engagements. Overall, ServiceBell is a comprehensive live chat solution that empowers businesses to add a personal touch to their website interactions, generate qualified leads, increase pipeline, and enhance customer engagement – all while offering enterprise-grade security and advanced analytics. With its cutting-edge technology and dedication to customer success, ServiceBell is poised to revolutionize the way businesses connect with their website visitors.
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