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Saviynt | Smarter, Simpler Identity Solutions for the Cloud Era

Saviynt Careers
Saviynt is a leading company in the field of identity management, offering smarter and simpler solutions tailored for the cloud era. With a focus on digital transformation initiatives, Saviynt brings both security and business efficiency to organizations by governing every identity with precision through their industry-leading cloud solutions. One of the key strengths of Saviynt is their ability to secure and control access to any asset, application, or infrastructure, regardless of whether it is on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud. They simplify identity lifecycle management by providing automated workflows and user-friendly tools, making it easier for organizations to manage and govern identities. Saviynt also offers industry-leading identity analytics, providing visibility and the ability to prioritize remediations. This is particularly valuable in complex environments, as Saviynt's unified enterprise cloud solution allows organizations to govern any identity effectively. By leveraging Saviynt's solutions, organizations can gain efficiencies, reduce costs, and remain audit-ready at all times. This is supported by Saviynt's exceptional performance, as evidenced by their 95/100 score for core criteria in the Saviynt EIC and their position as the only Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for PAM. Additionally, Saviynt received the most 5-star reviews in 2022, further highlighting their excellence in the industry. Saviynt's flagship product is their converged Enterprise Identity Cloud, which combines identity governance, granular application access, and privileged access in a single cohesive platform. This enables organizations to transform their business by implementing the highest-rated identity governance solution available. With this solution, organizations can secure their apps, data, and infrastructure from accidental leaks, breaches, and malicious threats. Furthermore, Saviynt helps improve visibility, governance, and controls across multi-cloud environments, ensuring organizations can effectively manage their identity requirements. They also offer an automated Compliance-as-a-Service solution built to scale, enabling organizations to meet audit goals efficiently. Saviynt's solutions also automate access management, just-in-time privilege elevation, and time-bound access for any identity, further enhancing security and control. Their track record includes successful implementations at VMWare, which solved app onboarding and compliance challenges, and UC, which built a centralized IGA hub for automation, self-service account provisioning, and role-based access controls in a complex higher-ed IT environment. Additionally, GFS transformed their legacy on-premises identity management systems to meet security and compliance objectives with Saviynt's assistance. In summary, Saviynt is an innovative company that offers comprehensive and efficient identity solutions for the cloud era. Their focused approach on security, efficiency, and automation makes them a trusted partner for organizations looking to enhance their identity management capabilities.
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