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Robin is an innovative workplace technology platform that provides companies with a comprehensive suite of tools to manage their hybrid workspace effectively. The platform offers features like desk booking, room scheduling, and analytics to optimize office utilization, improve employee engagement, and enhance overall productivity. With its user-friendly interface and advanced capabilities, Robin enables organizations to provide exceptional workplace experiences while ensuring that their employees have access to the resources they need to perform at their best.
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Robin fosters a culture of remote work and provides the necessary infrastructure for remote employees to succeed. They utilize virtual communication tools and have a distributed team. Robin appears to have a company culture that prioritizes collaboration, flexibility, and innovation. The company emphasizes the importance of putting people first, which suggests a focus on employee well-being and a commitment to creating a positive work environment. Robin's website and social media channels highlight the company's commitment to innovation and technology, with a focus on creating a modern workplace that is adaptable to the needs of employees. The company also emphasizes the importance of collaboration and teamwork, with a strong emphasis on communication and transparency.


Software Development
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United States, Massachusetts, Boston

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