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Respondent is a leading global participant recruitment platform that connects businesses with high-quality, verified research participants for surveys, interviews, focus groups, and other research studies. They offer a streamlined solution for companies looking to conduct effective market research by matching them with pre-screened and qualified participants. With over 2 million verified participants across various industries and skill sets, Respondent makes it easy for businesses to find the right candidates for their research projects.
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Respondent promotes a remote work culture and values work-life balance. They have remote team members and utilize digital communication tools for effective collaboration. Respondent Connect appears to have a culture that values quality and professionalism. The company emphasizes its ability to connect clients with the highest quality respondents in the world, suggesting a focus on delivering top-notch results. The company also emphasizes its use of technology and data to streamline the research process, suggesting a culture that values innovation and efficiency. Reviews from employees suggest a positive work environment, with a focus on collaboration and teamwork.


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