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Continuous Integration & Delivery - Semaphore

Semaphore Careers
Semaphore is a software development company that offers continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) solutions for high-performance engineering teams. Its mission is to help teams deliver products at high velocity by providing them with the necessary tools to automate their development processes and improve developer productivity. With Semaphore, companies can save time, reduce costs, and stay secure while scaling their CI/CD infrastructure as their team grows. Regardless of whether a team is just starting out or has a complex CI/CD pipeline, Semaphore has a solution that fits their needs. Magnetis is an app development agency that specializes in creating custom mobile applications for businesses. With their advanced technology and experienced team of developers, they are able to deliver high-quality products rapidly and efficiently. Their main objective is to assist businesses achieve their full potential by offering them innovative solutions that match their specific needs.
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Software Development
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Serbia, Vojvodina, Novi Sad

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