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Point72 is an international asset management firm that offers a variety of investment strategies, including discretionary long/short equity, systematic, and macro investing. Led by Steve A. Cohen, the firm is known for its innovative approach to investing and its commitment to diversity in its workforce. With offices around the world, Point72 provides clients with access to a broad range of investment opportunities and a deep understanding of market trends and risks.
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Point72 Culture
Point72 is the hudge fund family office of one of the world's top multibillionaires - Steve Cohen. promotes a remote work culture and values work-life balance. They have remote team members and utilize digital communication tools for effective collaboration. Point72's company culture is described as fast-paced, innovative, and collaborative. The company values diversity and inclusion, and encourages employees to bring their unique perspectives and ideas to the table. Point72 is known for its rigorous hiring process and high standards for performance, but also for its commitment to employee development and growth. The company offers a range of training and development programs, as well as opportunities for mentorship and networking.


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United States, Connecticut, Stamford

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