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PingCAP, the company behind TiDB

PingCAP Careers
PingCAP is a leading company in the database industry, known for developing and providing TiDB, the most advanced and open-source distributed SQL database with MySQL compatibility. With its innovative technology, PingCAP empowers organizations of all sizes to build highly reliable, versatile, and elastic applications. TiDB, the flagship product of PingCAP, is designed to offer a fully-managed and enterprise-ready service called TiDB Dedicated. This DBaaS (Database as a Service) solution eliminates the traditional operational overhead associated with databases while providing the full power and capabilities of TiDB. Organizations worldwide trust TiDB for a wide range of database solutions, including large-scale transactional workloads, recommendation engines, data-intensive applications, and more. By leveraging TiDB, businesses can streamline their technology stack, achieve elastic scaling, harness real-time analytics, and ensure continuous access to data – all within a single database. A key feature that sets TiDB apart is its two distinct storage engines for both row and column-based data, simplifying the complexity of the data stack. Moreover, TiDB's architecture separates compute from storage, enabling seamless scalability of data workloads. Additionally, the database offers built-in horizontal scalability across homogeneous and heterogeneous nodes, eliminating the need for manual sharding. Developers will find TiDB highly convenient as it is wire compatible with MySQL 5.7, allowing them to leverage the vast ecosystem of MySQL tools. Furthermore, TiDB's Smart Query optimizer ensures efficient execution plans by selecting the most optimal series of operators. To ensure uninterrupted access to data, TiDB guarantees auto-failover and self-healing capabilities during system outages or network failures. This ensures data availability and reliability even in challenging circumstances. In conclusion, PingCAP is the company behind TiDB, offering organizations a powerful and flexible distributed SQL database solution with MySQL compatibility. With its advanced features, streamlined tech stack, and enterprise-ready services, TiDB enables businesses to build robust and scalable applications without compromising on data availability and performance.
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