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1-Click Payroll Software | Pento

Pento Careers
Pento is an innovative payroll solutions provider that offers customized and user-friendly software to businesses of all sizes. With a focus on simplifying complex payroll processes, Pento delivers a range of features such as detailed audit trails, multi-user approval flows, and seamless integration with other software. Backed by a team of experienced payroll experts, Pento ensures that businesses receive reliable support and guidance throughout the entire payroll process. Additionally, Pento prioritizes security and privacy, ensuring that sensitive employee data remains protected at all times.
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Pento Culture
Pento is a payroll and benefits software. It fosters a culture of efficient payroll management, collaboration, and remote work. Pento supports remote work arrangements, enabling employees to work remotely or from their preferred locations. Pento appears to have a company culture that is focused on innovation, efficiency, and modernity. The company's website and social media presence emphasize their commitment to using technology to streamline payroll processes and make them more accessible and user-friendly for modern businesses. Pento also emphasizes their commitment to transparency and simplicity, with a clear and straightforward pricing model and a user-friendly interface. The company's social media presence is active and engaging, with a focus on sharing industry news and insights, as well as highlighting the company's values and culture.


Financial Services
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United Kingdom, England, London

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