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Pear VC

Pear VC - We’re specialists in pre-seed and seed.

Pear VC Careers
Pear VC is a specialized venture capital firm that focuses on pre-seed and seed stage investments. With a strong track record and extensive experience in the industry, Pear VC has proven to be a valuable partner for startups looking to raise their series A funding. The team at Pear VC is known for providing tremendous support and assistance in various aspects of the fundraising process. From helping to curate the right team to navigating the complexities of a series A round, Pear VC is committed to ensuring the success of their portfolio companies. What sets Pear VC apart is their dedication to being hands-on and actively involved in the growth and development of the startups they invest in. They are not afraid to ask the hard questions and help shape the narrative of the company, ultimately positioning them for success. In addition to their expertise and support, Pear VC also offers valuable connections and introductions to well-known venture capitalists. This network of brand name VCs can provide further opportunities for funding and expansion. Pear VC prides itself on turning great ideas into category-defining companies. Their impressive track record includes being involved in the success of three IPOs, including Guardant Health, DoorDash, and Senti Bio. With a total valuation of $50 billion and $10 billion in capital raised, Pear VC has proven to be a reliable and successful partner for startup founders. For early-stage founders looking for additional support and guidance, Pear VC offers PearX, an early-stage bootcamp designed to equip founders with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed. The deadline to apply for PearX is June 10th. Overall, Pear VC is a trusted and experienced venture capital firm that specializes in pre-seed and seed stage investments. With their hands-on approach, valuable connections, and successful track record, Pear VC is an ideal partner for startups looking to transform their ideas into successful, category-defining companies.
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Pear VC

Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals
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United States, California, Menlo Park

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