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Oval Money

Oval Money

Oval Money Careers
Oval Money (Europe) Ltd. is a financial services provider based in Cyprus that offers payment services through UAB PayrNet, an electronic money institution authorized by the Bank of Lithuania. It operates in Europe and provides digital currency payment services. The company is registered as a virtual asset service provider in Italy and is owned by Monecor (London) Ltd., which was founded in 2023 and has registration number 00851820.
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Oval Money Culture
Oval is a financial wellness app. It promotes a culture of personal finance, collaboration, and remote work. Oval supports remote work arrangements, enabling employees to work remotely or from their preferred locations. Oval App appears to have a company culture that is focused on innovation, simplicity, and accessibility. The company's website and social media channels emphasize the ease and convenience of using the app to save and invest automatically, with a strong emphasis on making financial management accessible to everyone. Oval App also appears to prioritize transparency and customer service, with a dedicated support team and a commitment to keeping users informed about their investments. The company's social media presence is active and engaging, with a focus on sharing financial tips and advice in a friendly, approachable tone.

Oval Money

Financial Services
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United Kingdom, London, London

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