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Set Learning Free: Let kids' curiosity run wild with classes and groups on any topic you can imagine.

Outschool Careers
Outschool is an innovative online learning platform that aims to set learning free for children by allowing their curiosity to run wild. With a wide range of classes and groups available on any topic imaginable, Outschool provides a unique and engaging learning experience for kids of all ages. At Outschool, we believe that learning should be a fun and exciting adventure, and our platform is designed to foster a love for learning in children. We offer a diverse selection of classes and groups, taught by experienced and passionate instructors, who are experts in their respective fields. Our classes cover a vast array of subjects, from traditional academic subjects such as math, science, and language arts, to more unconventional and niche topics like coding, art, music, and cooking. Whether a child is interested in exploring their creativity, expanding their knowledge, or developing new skills, they can find the perfect class on Outschool. What sets Outschool apart is the freedom it offers in choosing the classes and groups that align with a child's unique interests and learning style. Parents and children can browse through our extensive catalog, which includes classes for various age groups, skill levels, and durations. They can also filter classes based on their preferred schedule, ensuring flexibility and convenience. Our instructors are carefully selected and undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure the highest quality of teaching. They bring their expertise and enthusiasm to every class, creating a supportive and interactive learning environment. Through live video sessions, students have the opportunity to engage with their instructors and peers, ask questions, and participate in discussions, fostering collaboration and critical thinking. Outschool is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment. We have implemented robust measures to protect the privacy and well-being of our users, including secure video conferencing tools and strict moderation guidelines. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child's online learning experience is both educational and safe. With Outschool, children can unleash their curiosity, pursue their passions, and explore new interests in a dynamic and engaging way. We are dedicated to empowering children to become lifelong learners, fostering their intellectual growth, and helping them reach their full potential. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and watch your child's love for learning soar.
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