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OPEN Health

OPEN Health | Market Access, HEOR, & Medical Communications

OPEN Health Careers
OPEN Health is a leading healthcare company that specializes in market access, health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), and medical communications. With a mission to improve health outcomes and patient well-being, OPEN Health works in partnership with its clients to deliver innovative solutions that make a difference. As thought leaders in the industry, OPEN Health recognizes the changing landscape of digital healthcare, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. They understand the importance of leveraging digital platforms to drive better health outcomes and are committed to staying at the forefront of this evolving field. The company offers a range of services, including consulting, HEOR and market access, scientific communications, and creative communications. In their consulting practice, OPEN Health combines deep industry expertise, scientific rigor, and actionable analysis to guide life-changing innovations through every stage, from early development to market maturity. OPEN Health also excels in HEOR and market access, developing and applying innovative solutions that ensure better and faster access to treatments for patients. Their highly skilled medical communications specialists bring data to life, engaging with the healthcare community in innovative and personalized ways to drive behavior change. Moreover, OPEN Health's creative communications team utilizes data-driven creativity to develop campaigns that resonate and perform. By basing their creativity on evidence rather than opinion, they unlock omnichannel strategies that maximize engagement across all channels. In addition to their services, OPEN Health provides valuable insights through their news and insights section, helping clients stay updated on healthcare trends and changes worldwide. What sets OPEN Health apart is their commitment to being a patient-centric partner. They operate on a global level and work closely with their clients to understand their strategies before developing and executing plans. With a team of over 1300 people and 20 years of scientific innovation, OPEN Health is dedicated to unlocking possibilities and creating impactful solutions through collaboration and expertise. OPEN Health is a leading company in the field of market access, HEOR (Health Economics and Outcomes Research), and medical communications. With a team of 1300 highly skilled individuals, the company has been at the forefront of scientific innovation for the past 20 years. OPEN Health has established itself as a trusted partner for over 200 global pharmaceutical clients. The company's core belief is in unlocking possibilities together by harnessing the collective power of diverse minds. OPEN Health values the unique perspectives and strengths that each employee brings to the table, making it a place where individuals can grow and thrive. The company is proud to have teams comprised of individuals from different backgrounds and living in different countries, fostering an environment of inclusivity and respect. OPEN Health understands the importance of effective evidence generation and communication in shaping healthcare decision-making. The company works in partnership with clients to ensure that information is technically correct, factually complete, and presented in a way that is engaging for the target audience. This commitment to excellence has been recognized through the numerous industry awards that OPEN Health has won, with a total of 40 awards since 2019. These accolades include 21 gold, 10 silver, and 9 bronze awards. In summary, OPEN Health is a dynamic and innovative company that combines scientific expertise with effective communication strategies to deliver impactful solutions in the market access, HEOR, and medical communications space. With a strong focus on collaboration and individual growth, OPEN Health offers employees a stimulating and supportive environment to thrive in.
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OPEN Health

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