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Onna Careers
Onna is a leading company specializing in unlocking the power of unstructured data. Through their innovative platform, businesses can seamlessly integrate data from various sources, including Slack, Google, Microsoft, Confluence, and more. Onna's Data Management Platform enables enterprises to effectively manage and reduce eDiscovery review time and costs, while also utilizing the data with Legal and Compliance teams. The core focus of Onna's Data Management Platform is to empower enterprises to extract business value from both structured and unstructured data. It provides a standard and user-friendly method to collect, classify, discover, and manage data at scale. By leveraging Onna, businesses can eliminate data silos and gain greater visibility and control over their data. In addition to their robust platform, Onna offers a range of solutions that can be built on top of it. These solutions provide a secure and private single source of truth for an organization's disparate data, ensuring data protection, accuracy, and security. Onna also provides ready-to-use connectors that can be easily integrated with their platform. These connectors facilitate seamless integration with existing tools and systems, enhancing the capabilities and versatility of the platform. The success of Onna is exemplified by the positive feedback from their satisfied customers. One customer describes Onna as a groundbreaking tool that defines the space, highlighting the uniqueness of the platform. Another customer emphasizes the significant cost-saving benefits of implementing Onna, with savings of $50-60k per collection and real-time access to data. Overall, Onna is a trusted and innovative company that offers solutions to connect, find, and act on unstructured data. With their platform and range of solutions, businesses can effectively manage their data, increase operational efficiency, and safeguard their valuable information.
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