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Oddball is a unique and innovative agency specializing in transforming government digital services. With a team of highly skilled engineers, product and project managers, and commercial tech professionals, we are passionate about creating scalable solutions and solving clients' problems. Our expertise and enthusiasm set us apart and enable us to excel in our field. In terms of development, we are proficient in a wide range of coding languages and technologies, including Node, Angular, React, MongoDB, SQL, NoSQL, APIs, Test Driven Development, and Web Sockets. Our capabilities extend to developing captivating websites, designing efficient databases, crafting modern mobile apps, and creating rockin' restful APIs. Design is another area where we thrive. We take great pleasure in creating crisp and beautiful interfaces that are visually stunning and highly responsive. Our passion for building gorgeous applications is evident in everything we do, ensuring that our products both look good and work hard. Project management is a core strength of ours. With extensive experience in leading projects from inception to completion, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver successful outcomes. Our agile, scrum, lean, customer-centric, and iterative approach, combined with our effective use of tools like post-it notes, ensures that projects are managed efficiently and effectively. But our expertise extends beyond technical skills. We possess a strong understanding of business concepts such as SWOT analysis, pitch-decks, market research, linear optimization models, discounted cash-flow statements, and projections. This holistic approach ensures that every decision and action we take aligns with your overall business strategy. At Oddball, we understand that your business goals are paramount. While we excel in code and design, we always keep our focus on how our work contributes to your business objectives. Our dedication to transforming government digital services and delivering scalable solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations is what sets us apart.
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