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AI Customer Service - #1 Customer Support Helpdesk AI for Enterprise

Netomi Careers
Netomi is a leading AI customer service company that specializes in providing the number one customer support helpdesk AI for enterprise businesses. With a focus on resolving customer queries and raising the bar of customer experience, Netomi offers a range of AI solutions designed to improve support team capacity, resolution rates, and language capabilities. Netomi's AI solutions utilize generative AI, conversational AI, email resolution, chat AI interface, and webform automation to deliver innovative and efficient customer service solutions. Their generative AI technology, combined with LLMs, allows brands to respond to a higher volume of customer queries while maintaining brand safety and enhancing the customer experience. The conversational AI offered by Netomi surpasses traditional AI chatbots by automatically resolving 80% of routine customer inquiries, reducing resolution time, increasing customer satisfaction, and lowering support costs. Their real-time AI-powered email automation ensures customers receive personalized resolutions in a matter of seconds, eliminating the need for long wait times. Netomi's chat AI interface integrates intent and entity detection with knowledge search, providing customers with a seamless and integrated conversational experience across any channel. Additionally, their webform automation utilizes AI-powered technology to collect information in real-time, achieving resolution and reducing customer wait times. Netomi's focus on omnichannel customer experience is evident through their no-code platform, which instantly enables customer interactions on various channels including chat, messaging, voice, and SMS. Whether customers need assistance with opening a new bank account, purchasing concert tickets, making changes to an order delivery date, or making a dinner reservation, Netomi's AI solutions are designed to deliver efficient and personalized customer service experiences. Netomi's AI system is trained with each customer's specific intents, historical context, and current sentiment, providing a personalized and efficient customer service experience. Their auto-pilot and co-pilot modes allow the AI to handle customer inquiries independently or draft responses for human agents to review, ensuring high-quality customer interactions. With end-to-end deep conversational channel integration, Netomi's AI system seamlessly integrates with all customer communication software and backend business systems, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of historical data and context. Proactive intelligence and predictive emotional sentiment analysis enable Netomi to address customer issues before they occur and provide a more empathetic and personalized customer service experience. Netomi's AI solutions also provide data and insights to empower agents, supercharging their performance and enabling exceptional customer service. By utilizing intent narrowing and automated topic suggestions, Netomi's Conversational AI ensures cohesive conversations. The integration of historical ticket analysis and backend business systems creates a connected and efficient customer experience. Through their exceptional customer service, Netomi has successfully reduced large backlogs of tickets for businesses, demonstrating their dedication and proficiency in supporting both chat and email communication channels. In summary, Netomi is a leading AI customer service company that offers personalized, efficient, and proactive customer support solutions. Their AI system is trained with each customer's unique needs, integrates seamlessly with various communication channels, and provides valuable insights to empower agents. Experience the AI everyone is chatting about and transform your customer service operations with Netomi.
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