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Nava | A public benefit corporation

Nava Careers
Nava is a technology solutions provider that offers customized digital services to government agencies. Their expertise lies in tackling complex technological challenges and developing flexible solutions that cater to the needs of both beneficiaries and government staff. With a strong commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusivity, Nava collaborates closely with government agencies to ensure that their services are accessible to everyone.
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Nava Culture
Nava promotes a remote work culture and values work-life balance. They have remote team members and utilize digital communication tools for effective collaboration. Nava has a company culture that values collaboration, innovation, and social impact. The company is committed to working with government agencies to improve their digital services, and this mission is reflected in the culture of the organization. Nava's employees are passionate about using technology to make a positive impact on society, and they are dedicated to working together to achieve this goal. The company values diversity and inclusion, and strives to create a supportive and inclusive work environment for all employees. Nava also places a strong emphasis on professional development and growth, offering opportunities for employees to learn new skills and advance their careers.


Software Development
Year founded
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United States, District Of Columbia, Washington

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