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Motive | All-in-one fleet management

Motive Careers
Motive is an all-in-one fleet management company that provides innovative solutions to connect and automate fleet operations. With over 120,000 customers ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises, Motive is trusted by businesses across industries to transform the safety, productivity, and profitability of their operations. At the core of Motive's offerings is the Motive Automated Operations Platform, an integrated fleet operations platform that delivers unmatched value for fleets. This platform gives fleets greater control, deeper insights, and enhanced safety, making it an essential tool for businesses looking to optimize their operations. Motive offers a range of solutions to address specific fleet management needs. Their AI-powered fleet safety solution proactively manages safety, preventing accidents, defending against costly litigations, and lowering insurance costs. They also provide an electronic logging device (ELD) that drivers love, reducing risk and simplifying complex regulations. Additionally, Motive's tracking and telematics solution offers real-time visibility into the location, utilization, and health of vehicles, equipment, and assets. In addition to their software solutions, Motive also offers the Motive Card, a fleet card that drives profitability. With the free-to-use Motive Card, businesses can save at the pump and gain powerful spend controls and notifications right in their dashboard. Motive goes beyond just providing software solutions. Their award-winning hardware and best-in-class service support customers throughout the user onboarding, training, and deployment process. With a customer base of over 120,000 and serving over 1 million drivers and tracking 700,000 vehicles, Motive has established itself as a trusted brand in the fleet management industry. To stay up-to-date with industry news and resources, Motive provides a blog with industry news, a monthly economic report, and on-demand webinars. These resources allow customers to stay informed about transportation trends, technologies, and predictions. Overall, Motive is a comprehensive fleet management company that offers innovative solutions, exceptional service, and valuable resources to help businesses automate and optimize their operations.
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