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ModSquad is a leading provider of Customer Experience (CX) services for the world's best brands, offering outsourced CX services on every platform for clients globally. Our focus on data-driven, AI optimized, and strategically deployed solutions sets us apart in the industry. Our proprietary models power cutting-edge technology to automate and optimize CX operations, helping clients achieve efficiency and exceed key performance indicators. We believe in supercharging ROI by delivering high-quality CX services at competitive rates with flexible commitments. Our goal is to help clients reduce costs, gain control, and increase quality in today's economic environment while staying prepared for the future. By increasing Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), we help clients thrive in the competitive marketplace. Our remote workforce is the most secure on the planet, supporting the top 1% of global CX talent working on industry-leading technology. The benefits of our innovative platform are available now, with a pending patent to ensure ongoing security and efficiency. As experts in remote CX services, we say goodbye to traditional contact centers and embrace a modern approach to customer engagement. Our team of Mods, who are experts in customer service and community engagement, are at the forefront of CX interactions. We are always looking for great people to join our crew and contribute to our success. With a track record of success showcased in case studies with brands like VSCO, Kalderos, Vimeo, and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, ModSquad continues to deliver picture-perfect CX solutions that disrupt industries and perform wonders for our clients. Join us at ModSquad and experience the future of customer experience services.
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United States, California, Sacramento

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