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MinIO | High Performance, Kubernetes Native Object Storage

MinIO Careers
MinIO is a leading company specializing in high-performance, Kubernetes native object storage solutions. They are renowned for their state-of-the-art, S3 compatible object store that is specifically designed to handle large-scale AI/ML, data lake, and database workloads. With the capability to be deployed both on-premises and on any cloud platform, including public and private clouds, MinIO's solution is versatile and can be utilized anywhere from the data center to the edge. Operating under the GNU AGPL v3 license, MinIO operates as an open-source software-defined storage solution. The company strongly believes in the power of open source and recognizes its crucial role in driving innovation and empowering both the cloud and enterprise sectors. With a large customer base and a thriving community, MinIO has gained the trust of tens of thousands of users who rely on their platform daily to ensure security, resiliency, durability, and operational excellence in their deployments. One of MinIO's standout offerings is their multi-cloud object storage solution, which allows enterprises to build AWS S3 compatible data infrastructure on any cloud platform. This capability provides a consistent and portable interface for accessing data and running applications, enabling businesses to seamlessly operate across different environments without the need for code modifications. Whether serving Fortune 100 companies or emerging startups, MinIO plays a fundamental role in the multi-cloud storage model, providing organizations with the necessary foundation to leverage the benefits of a distributed storage architecture.
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