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Capture, share, and collaborate the built world in immersive 3D

Matterport Careers
Matterport is a leading company in the digital transformation of the built world. With their innovative technology, they enable users to capture, share, and collaborate in immersive 3D. Their main focus is on creating digital twins, which are virtual replicas of physical spaces that can be accessed and analyzed from any device. Matterport's platform offers a range of cameras and mobile apps that make capturing a space flexible and user-friendly. Users can choose to capture the property themselves or opt for the convenience of Matterport Capture Services. The company's mobile app connects and controls any supported camera, allowing users to easily create, edit, and share their digital twins. Managing these 3D models is made simple with Matterport's Cloud platform. Users can securely store and organize their digital twins, starting with a free plan and upgrading for additional features. For businesses with multiple properties, Matterport offers tailored solutions through their sales team. Matterport's technology goes beyond just creating virtual replicas. It also enables predictive maintenance and increases equipment uptime by using synced digital twin RFIs (Request for Information). This revolutionizes traditional RFI processes and allows for a more efficient workflow. With Matterport, users can analyze any property or portfolio on a large scale, gaining valuable insights that are tailored to their specific business needs. Their technology has been embraced by thousands of companies in over 150 countries, spanning various industries across the property lifecycle. Capture is made possible on the user's terms. Whether it's a small home or a complex floor plan, Matterport offers a wide array of cameras and mobile apps to create the perfect digital twin. For those who prefer a hassle-free experience, Matterport Capture Services are available to take care of the entire process. In summary, Matterport is a leading company in the digital transformation of the built world. They provide users with the tools and technology to capture, share, and collaborate in immersive 3D. With their innovative solutions, businesses can drive results, gain valuable insights, and revolutionize traditional processes in various industries.
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