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Mattermost | Secure Collaboration for Technical Teams

Mattermost Careers
Mattermost is a leading company that specializes in providing secure collaboration solutions for technical teams. Their primary focus is to create a workspace that allows operational and engineering teams to collaborate securely and effectively. By utilizing Mattermost's platform, teams can increase their productivity without compromising security, improve their response time by 90%, and decrease incident resolution time, all while maintaining full control over their data and remaining compliant with industry regulations. One of the key benefits of using Mattermost is its ability to help companies avoid costly outages and downtime. By reducing the frequency and severity of system failures and outages, Mattermost ensures that businesses can operate smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, the platform increases information availability by streamlining complex workflows, resulting in a 4x increase in the availability of critical information. Mattermost's platform is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of technical and operational teams. It offers a range of features, including team messaging for effective collaboration, custom integrations with essential technical tools like GitHub, GitLab, and ServiceNow, audio and screen sharing capabilities for seamless communication, and workflow automation for executing repeatable processes with precision. The company takes pride in being a trusted solution for teams that need to ship fast. Mattermost's platform seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, offering flexible and extensible integrations. It also provides built-in identity and access controls, granular admin controls, and advanced compliance auditing and reporting. With the flexibility of on-prem and secure cloud deployment, Mattermost ensures that teams can choose the deployment option that best suits their requirements. Scalability is another key aspect of Mattermost's platform. Designed for enterprise scalability, it can easily accommodate the needs of growing organizations. Furthermore, the platform is deployable in air gapped networks and BYOD environments, ensuring that teams can collaborate securely regardless of the setting. Mattermost prides itself on its cloud neutrality and self-host deployment options. This empowers teams to have complete control over their collaboration platform, whether they choose to host it in the cloud or on their own servers. The company also offers an open-source platform that is highly customizable, allowing teams to leverage integrations from the community or build their own using the App Framework, Plugins, and open APIs. In conclusion, Mattermost is a reliable and secure collaboration platform that is specifically designed to meet the needs of technical teams. With its advanced features, flexible deployment options, and customization capabilities, Mattermost empowers teams to collaborate efficiently and securely, ultimately driving productivity and success.
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