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Marqeta | Modern Card Issuing and Payment Solutions

Marqeta Careers
Marqeta is a leading company specializing in modern card issuing and payment solutions. With a strong reputation for being a trusted advisor in the industry, Marqeta offers comprehensive services including card processing and card management. Unlike other platforms that require extensive coding and lengthy timelines, Marqeta stands out for its efficiency, allowing businesses to go to market in less than six months. This impressive track record has earned Marqeta praise from industry leaders such as Max Levchin, CEO of Affirm, who commends their expertise and support throughout the card issuing process. Tom Mazzaferro, Chief Data and Innovation Officer at Western Union, also highlights Marqeta's role in driving innovation. With a commitment to helping businesses innovate and succeed, Marqeta is the go-to choice for companies seeking modern card issuing and payment solutions. Contact Marqeta today to discuss your specific use case and discover how they can assist your business.
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