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MariaDB Enterprise Open Source Database & SkySQL MariaDB Cloud | MariaDB

MariaDB Careers
MariaDB is a leading company in the field of open-source databases, specializing in enterprise open-source database solutions and a cloud platform called SkySQL MariaDB Cloud. The company's mission is to provide its customers with better response times and cost savings. They excel in creating cloud-scale applications using open-source technology and offer step-by-step tutorials for launching applications. MariaDB also provides a developer portal that connects users to advice and a community. MariaDB takes a unique approach to databases for the modern world. Their next-generation cloud databases are relational, scalable for both reads and writes using distributed SQL, and support any workload, including transactions and analytics. These databases are designed to function on all types of clouds, including public, private, and hybrid. MariaDB's solutions are trusted by notable companies such as Bandwidth, DigiCert, InfoArmor, Oppenheimer, Samsung, SelectQuote, and SpendHQ. One of MariaDB's flagship products is MariaDB Enterprise Server, a complete production-grade open-source database solution. It supports various workloads, including transactional, analytical, and combination workloads, for both relational and JSON data models. This server deploys scalable, highly available, and secure databases and data warehouses for operational transactions and interactive ad hoc analytics. MariaDB also offers MariaDB Xpand, a distributed SQL database designed for applications that require scalable transaction processing and operational analytics without compromising the relational data model and ACID transactions. This database is particularly suitable for online gaming, distributed mobile applications, IoT, and other applications that require scalability beyond what standard databases can offer. MariaDB's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in their cutting-edge open-source database solutions and cloud services. They help businesses achieve better performance, cost savings, and scalability. With their flagship product, MariaDB ColumnStore, they offer a distributed, columnar storage system for efficient and high-performance data warehousing. They also provide the cloud-based solution MariaDB SkySQL, which combines the convenience and flexibility of cloud computing with the power of the MariaDB database portfolio and world-class support. Customers appreciate the ability to run their databases in any cloud without being locked into a specific system. The trust and reliability of MariaDB's solutions have earned them partnerships with renowned companies such as Pronto, Certified Power, and Hughes Network. These organizations have praised MariaDB for its ease of use, scalability, and valuable insights for managing databases in the cloud. MariaDB actively fosters a community of database experts and practitioners through their OpenWorks platform. This platform serves as a hub for exchanging knowledge, best practices, and success stories related to MariaDB's new-generation database products. Users can access on-demand session recordings to explore the performance and power of MariaDB's offerings. Overall, MariaDB is a forward-thinking company that combines the strengths of open-source technology, cloud computing, and expert support to deliver exceptional database solutions for businesses of all sizes.
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