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Mangopay is a leading global payment infrastructure company that specializes in providing modular and flexible solutions for platforms and marketplaces. With over 2,500 clients worldwide, Mangopay has established itself as a trusted partner for small enterprises looking to enhance their transaction processes. At Mangopay, we understand the complexity of payments, which is why we have developed a modular payment system that allows businesses to choose the specific modules that suit their needs. Our flexible approach ensures that clients have access to the payment solutions and supporting payment operations that are best suited for their business. Our offerings cover a wide range of market segments, including C2C marketplaces, B2C marketplaces, rental marketplaces, B2B platforms, crowdfunding, and retail marketplaces. Whether a business is looking to enhance their user experience, increase sales, or improve payment flows, we have tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements. With our full-stack solution, clients can manage their end-to-end marketplace and platform payment flow and operations seamlessly. From accepting payments and sending payouts to onboarding sellers, our solutions are designed to ensure total compliance and security with smart risk and identity management. Our payment products are ready to go for all platform types and have been trusted and used by over 2,500 platforms and marketplaces worldwide. Whether a company is a small enterprise or a global player, our solutions have proven to be effective in helping companies succeed. Mangopay's customizable API and responsive teams allow businesses to reach a wider international audience and ensure the safety and confidence of their users during transactions. Our powerful e-wallet technology has been a game changer for many companies, allowing them to bring more value to their clients while focusing on their core activities. With a focus on flexibility and versatility, Mangopay offers a variety of payment methods, including SEPA Direct Debit and cards, to meet the specific needs of each client. The partnership between Mangopay and its clients has proven reliable and efficient, with quick and easy integration processes. Through their collaboration with Mangopay, companies have been able to revolutionize their industries and create unique user experiences for businesses and freelancers alike. With a mission to revolutionize the labor market and make life easier for freelancers and their clients, Mangopay has become a key ally in the success of many businesses since its establishment in 2013. Mangopay's commitment to developer-friendliness is evident in their software development kits (SDKs) that aim to reduce time to market. With open-source SDKs in popular programming languages and no-code integrations with platforms like Mirakl and WordPress, Mangopay ensures easy integration with existing technology stacks and accessibility for users without programming knowledge. To help users get started, Mangopay provides a fully featured Sandbox for exploring endpoints and real-life workflows. Additionally, their team of payment experts is always ready to assist and find the best strategy for success, whether users are looking to create a new payment infrastructure, improve their existing setup, or switch from another provider. In conclusion, Mangopay is a leading global payment infrastructure company that offers modular and flexible solutions for platforms and marketplaces. With their comprehensive range of products and solutions, they enable businesses to build, run, and operate the payment system they need to succeed.
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