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Luigi's Box

Luigi's Box – Product Search & Discovery for E-Commerce

Luigi's Box Careers
Luigi's Box is a trusted and leading provider of product search and discovery solutions for e-commerce businesses. With over 3,000 online businesses relying on Luigi's Box, it has established itself as a reliable and effective solution for increasing sales and conversions. One of the key features of Luigi's Box is its analytics tool, which helps businesses identify and optimize search queries. This improves the search experience for customers and drives more conversions. The search with autocomplete feature allows visitors to quickly find products, reducing shopping time and enhancing the overall user experience. Luigi's Box also offers a recommender feature that creates personalized boxes with product recommendations. These recommendations increase the average order value and can be placed anywhere on the website to boost sales. Additionally, Luigi's Box provides personalized product listing pages that enhance the browsing experience and increase revenue. The company takes pride in its satisfied customers and showcases its usability scores for G2's E-Commerce Search category. Positive reviews and high momentum scores demonstrate the effectiveness of Luigi's Box. Integrating Luigi's Box into an e-commerce website is simple and hassle-free, with just four easy steps. This eliminates the need for extensive IT involvement, allowing businesses to focus on driving sales and conversions. By integrating Luigi's Box, businesses can unlock a range of benefits. Personalized search helps customers find products quickly, while accurate and relevant search results are ensured. Personalized recommendations, offers for sold-out products, and highlighting best-selling items help increase cart value. The intuitive analytic dashboard provides performance tracking and supports data-driven decisions. Improving the search experience and enhancing the user experience increase conversion rates and customer loyalty. Luigi's Box also helps businesses increase their average order value through personalized recommendations. The company provides support for marketing activities, making it easier for businesses to engage with customers and drive successful campaigns. Luigi's Box has proven results, with an average sales increase of 35% and an average cart conversion rate increase of 13%. Prioritizing search leads to a revenue increase for 73% of e-shops. In summary, Luigi's Box offers a comprehensive product search and discovery solution for e-commerce businesses. With easy integration, a range of benefits, and proven results, Luigi's Box helps businesses improve their customers' shopping experience, increase sales, and drive growth.
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Luigi's Box

IT Services and IT Consulting
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Slovakia, Bratislava, Bratislava

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